She was shot and chained there waiting for help in vain and a heartwarming ending

The story of Lusya will give us faith in love and courage.

Lusya was found in need of help, unable to move, and in a shabby place. We helped her at all costs and in the end, our efforts were not in vain. Lusya has completely changed, she has become healthier, more beautiful, and most importantly, happier.

Recovery will take time but I have always believed that with love, care and courage, we will soon make it. You will soon see Lusya running around in the morning sun with a happy face.

One said:”Wow….what an amazing dog Lusya is, it was heartbreaking to see her in that horrible place. I will never understand how her owner could chain her up, unable to move anyway because of her injuries. How did she get the injuries?? It’s fantastic the progress she’s made and long may it continue. God bless everyone involved in her rescue, treatment and care. I wish her a long and happy life. Love and blessings to Luzya and her carers.”

A man commented:”I’ll never understand why some people would be cruel to innocent animals. Dogs are our pets, loyal friends and companions. They deserve our love, care, and protection, including medical care when they’re sick. Thank you for your perseverance in rescuing Luzya. Due to your compassion, love, and care, you’ve changed the quality of her life. May you rescue and save the lives of many more like Luzya. They need your help and you’re their only hope. May God help you achieve your goals for these animals.”

Another replied:”You have given this little puppy a Life ( he obviously didn’t have one before) you showed this puppy that not all humans are pieces of s***. Bless you. The frightened look on the puppy’s face when you put him in the car. But you let him feel your love and compassion. Your an angel.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Liza
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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