Tearful story of a dog whose owner tried to take his life and a heartbreaking ending

Luke’s life story will make each of us have a different view of life.

Every time I think back to the wonderful moments I had with Luke, I smile with happiness, Luke has had his days truly lived in love and care.

I believe that, in the distance, Luke is smiling happily.

One said:”For the short time Luke was with you was a miracle. His last days he found love and comfort. Much better than dying on s street corner!! Thank you to all Luke’s caregivers.”

A woman wrote:”Poor little Boy, the heartless person who tried to kill him will meet their maker!. As for Luke he’s at rest and in doggie heaven. Your a beautiful person for looking after him!! Merry Christmas”

Another replied:”I am really sorry for your loss. You were able to show him compassion and love in a time he needed it the most. You are a great human being and an angel on earth. The world needs more people like you. May Luke’s beautiful soul forever rest in peace.”

A commenter said:”Such a sad, sad story. Totally heartbreaking. Was so happy that you were able to give him so much love in his days he was with you. Broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes when I just saw you holding him close to you and he was so still and appreciated it so much. God bless you for doing that. You were a angel to him.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Olga
🤝 Support at Sberbank: 5469 3800 1332 1285

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