The blind dog waited in vain for his owner in the pouring rain at the station for many days

Forest and the story of the brave dog will give you more inspiration about love and loyalty in this life. He waited for his owner for days in the train station, we found him and brought him to the vet, fortunately, he recovered and was able to see the beauty of this world one more time. Again, his heart is open and accepting of love from everyone.

👉 Rescuer: Ekaterina

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One commented on YouTube: “People often don’t understand what love from their pet is so big than pet’s soul…when they found the pet get sick or have trouble on the health they don’t want pay for the pet’s health but throw them…😡

Another said: “I’m so happy to see what happened in the end..Thank you for your love & care to Forest…may he completely recovers from his sad past life experience…which i think he has…”

Watch the video below:

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