The children crippled her but no one stopped them then she was abandoned

The story of Hera and her life will give you more inspiration to overcome the difficulties in life.
Despite the difficulties, not once did she stop moving forward to win the fate, even though things did not go as planned, we were satisfied with everything to start a new life.

👉 Rescuer: sergeib243
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One wrote/said/commented on YouTube:”I hope the memory of what those children did , lasts with them forever. As an adult they will be sorry for their actions. And I hope in the future they do something to pay back to animals for what they did. This is just such a sweet dog 🐕 , I hope it can have some sort of a life without to much struggle. Such a beautiful little face. 🥰🥰🥰”

A YouTuber user commented/said/posted/:”I was so mad knowing some children had done such evil deeds on such a poor puppy. What did they learn from their parents and teachers? They may become more ferocious when they grow up. Thank you for saving her and try your best to treat her with love and compassion. I hope the wheelchair will help her in socializing and gaining back her confidence.”

One commented/said:”God Bless you. The poor puppy. My heart breaks for her. She has a heart soul and feelings. Those children need to be held responsible for their actions. God Bless you for all you do to save protect and love these animals”

Watch the video below:

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