The dog found in the ravine and the heartbreaking truth behind

Unit was found by a group of geologists, they found her in a ravine. It is a gentle and obedient dog.

But the x-ray results made us believe our eyes, and our journey began.

We overcame the hardships and Unit was brave, a beautiful life is what she deserves.

A YouTuber user posted:”Animal Shelter is one of the best channel on YouTube. It is always have happy ending. Thank you for saving lives. All animals are beautiful and deserved to be treated with love.”

One commented:”She is soo beautiful her eyes sooo expressive all her emotions and feelings show on her face .she was abused by a devil in the garb of human and left to die but she was noticed by kind people who took her and saved her. She needed medical help shelter food and tons of love.hope she gets well soon.,forgets her torturous past and start to enjoy a new life God bless everyone of you love you girl”

A man commented:”What a beautiful story! I’m so happy Unit is with love and support..bless everyone whom helped with Unit’s survival.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescue team: doghelpkzn
🤝 Support at Paypal:

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