The dog that was shot was begging for help in vain on a crowded street

On a busy street, we met Liya, she had been waiting for help for a long time and we couldn’t help but help her. What she went through and what she faced, we will make up for it and help make her healthier and happier. As time passed, all those efforts paid off, Liya gradually became happy and healthy again. One day not far away, she will be able to happily run on the grass on all fours.

👉 Rescue team: Animal voice

🤝 Support at Sberbank: 4276 3801 5649 2204

A YouTube user posted: “Liya has such a sweet and positive vibe even though she went through hell and back. She’s a fighter. Thank you for helping this beautiful girl. She can now enjoy the life she deserves.💜

One commented: “Thank you sooooo much…May god bless you, angel on earth, your famliy and the poor helpless soul which you give a wonderful chance to life in a family, who take good care and give the little sweetheart attention and much love…”

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