The dog was left in sadness and loneliness after the owner learned she was sick

Milana is a sweet girl, anyone who meets her will fall in love with her because of her tenderness and affectionate gaze.

The unhappy past is the motivation for her to move forward with a belief that somewhere there will be people who love and protect her. She has finally found a family that loves her, where she will spend her happy years with them.

One commented:”Thank you Animal Shelter for saving Milana, she now has a nice new family and not lonely anymore, bless All of you for everything and good luck🍀 to Milana, may her new life be filled with love and happiness, USA!!”

A YouTuber user commented:”OMG. This precious dog looks JUST like ours!!! He was also abandoned and rescued by us. He has been our love for ten wonderful years. I can’t get over it. The resemblance is UNCANNY. Same face, same markings, same size, same fur, and same eyes. I honestly thought I was looking at my buddy when I came across this video. Freaky. SO GLAD that this beautiful girl was rescued!!!!!!!!”

One commented on YouTube:”Part of having any animal is having the capacity and funds to ensure that you can give it the medical help that it needs if the dog gets sick, how can anyone claim to love their dog and then abandon it when it gets sick, if you can’t afford to get your dog help, than you shouldn’t have the dog, and if circumstances change and you can’t afford it, you don’t need to just abandon the dog, at least take it to some place where it will get help, some people are just selfish, they just think of their own needs , glad this beautiful dog did get to help, she is beautiful, I would home her in an instant if she was in the uk”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Tatiana
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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