The driver who caused it didn’t tell us his location and tearful journey

Tair lay waiting for two days, in the two days we searched for him I dared not think about what he was facing.

God gave him a second chance when we found him, through many hardships, he was able to walk again and be happy again.

He returned home with me after a long time of treatment, where he was loved, cared for and protected by me.

One said:”An owner’s love for his or her pet is pure love itself! Dogs and cats cannot speak, but they are carefully nurtured while thinking about what they want and need, and the pets return the love directly to you as much as you love them. Yes, they are family!”

A man wrote:”Thank you so much for taking care of Tair just looking at him one can tell he’s a very special dog with his happy go lucky demeanor…. I wish him well in his recovery and I am sure that everything will turn out fine for him. I am comforted in the fact that he is with her special person who will give them all the love and care he needs!!”

Another replied:”God bless you and this beautiful innocent pup. Had the man told you were he was found hit by a car he may have done better with injuries if known sooner. Some people are selfish. Keep us posted please. Blessings moving forward for you both (all). Thank you. You’re an Angel to show love and compassion to this sweet pup!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Valeria
🤝 Support at Apple Visa: 4276.3802.7772.3537

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