The fate of a dog that was mistreated after the owner learned he had a rare disease

I was surprised to know Martin, a guy who lives an introverted life but hidden inside is a love and desire to protect others.

You will see the miraculous change of Martin, he will soon get well again and live happily for the rest of his life.

A man wrote:”Humans are just so wicked and cruel. He or she will understand the great pains when they are abandoned and thrown out because of illnesses or disabilities. Our furry friends cannot talk and we are to care and love them. We have so much to learn from animals who are so loyal and forgiving and love you unconditionally to the end. Thank you for restoring his love and trust. God bless you.”

A YouTuber user posted:”Borzoi dogs are sight hunting dogs/also called Russian wolf hounds. Light on feet, like a cat. Gentle, protective. Nature calls them to do one hellva zoomie, once out of system will be quiet & compassionate. Beautiful creature, elegant.”

A commenter said:”Im stunned such ignorant owners wd discard him. He is a purebred Borzoi, the Russian Wolfhound!! a very valuable rare breed that is a great family dog but being a sight hound he will chase anything that moves including cats.”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Maria Andreevna T
Support at Sberbank Card – 4817 7602 2473 2622

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