The fate of the dog was put in a bag by the owner and thrown in the cold snow.

Sanya was abandoned in the cold snow by his owner, fortunately, he was found and helped.

Through many hardships, he has finally found his home with people who love and protect him unconditionally.

A YouTuber user commented:”I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing him. How anyone could do what his previous owners did, it makes me so mad, he clearly loves you, look how happy he is. You both were meant to be together”

One commented on YouTube:”I’m crying for this girl. It breaks my heart to see someone who really cares, & cares this much. I wish more people were like this gal. He’ll be ok. Your heart will be happy too soon too . It always amazes me how animals get treated so badly, & will still love you…So very sad”

One said:”Good looking dog you have now. Same colors as mine. Thank you so much for saving his life. You’re an angel. Pets will always give you unconditional Love and that’s all they want from you. Take care”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Aunt Natasha
Support at PayPal: LEN.EDEL@YANDEX.RU

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