The happy ending of the dog who lived on the street for 10 years with a giant tumor

Masha has lived on the street for 10 years and luck came to her when she was adopted by a kind woman.

But unfortunately, on her body appeared a tumor and it got bigger over time.

With everyone’s tireless love and care for her, she overcame all difficulties and lived the rest of her life in happiness and love.

One said on YouTube:”Masha is a absolutely gorgeous and beautiful sweetie 😍 I’m happy she was treated 🙂 and has a loving home that she deserves 🏠 I would give this furbaby lots and lots of cuddles 🤗 and lots and lots of kisses 💋 Love Masha loads ❤”

A man commented:”Ohhhh!!! So precious story of helping and LOVE
Thanks for millions for saving this inoccent Angel. I whish Mashka to be very happy.
God bless you ever!!!! ❤️❤️❤️”

A YouTuber user posted:”Thank you so much for finally getting her off the streets to become happy and cared for, she is a good dog you can tell, good luck🍀to this precious, and I thank All of you for helping her, she’s amazing and a miracle🌟 from All that she’s been through, God bless🌟 her, you and All the animals in God’s world!! USA!!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Perederzhka
🤝 Support at: SB card – 5336690163509716

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