The kids teased the disabled puppy because of her appearance and the 2 year journey of change

2 years of Rada’s journey with us, it’s been two difficult years to help Rada have a new life.

We met Rada when she was just a puppy, but her spirit and courage make us admire her, as she is always positive and never gives up to achieve her goals.

And our 2 years were not in vain as Rada got a new life, she can walk like normal dogs and live in her loving family.

A heartwarming ending.

A YouTuber user posted:”WOW, what a transformation for Rada, she’s just beautiful. I will never understand the level of cruelty that some people show towards animals. God bless the fact that you came along and gave her the love and support she needed to recover and move forward. You can tell how happy she is, well done. Love and blessings forever to Rada and her new family.”

One said:”This is a community i wouldn’t want to be a part of, other than the compassionate ones. Honestly, cutting off the poor creature’s ears, tormenting it enough to draw blood because it was already suffering a disability. A sad and worrying indictment for this community’s future. generation.”

A man commented:”What a wonderful story, I’m so happy she recieved the love and care she so well heart was so happy she could walk normally like other doggie’s do..the journey was long and hard and so sad at times, but she never gave up on herself or the people who desperately wanted her to recover..bless you all for the wonderful things you do and encouraging them.”

👉 Rescuer: Ninel
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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