The person the boy was loyal to and trusted had caused these things to him

Loris always avoids people’s eyes on him, is it shy or nervous?

With each passing day, the boy is getting better and healthier, he has completely changed, can walk normally. And the most important thing is that he has become happier in the house with the people who love and take care of him.

One commented:”What you and the medical staff do for these abused animals is extraordinary. Loris is so lucky it was found by caring and kind people. Thank you so very much. Another animal saved.”

A woman wrote:”It’s so sad knowing that there are MONSTERS out there that could do such great harm to innocent little guys like this however on the bright side seeing the good people who come to the rescue is most encouraging!!! Thank you so much for all you do for animals.”

Another said:”The Monster that did this to Loris needs a beating of the same kind! How unbelievably cruel and inhumane! This individual karma needs to find quickly. Thank you for giving Loris back his life and letting him know humans are not all cruel. Your all incredible”

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πŸ‘‰ Rescuer: Liza
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