The pleading eyes of the dog that were locked in a cage were injured and untreated

Brutus was found at an animal farm, we got him out of there and his journey began.

You will see that he has completely changed, his eyes have become happier, his appearance has become more beautiful than before. The past is just the past, he left the past behind and stepped into a good future

A YouTuber user commented:”I am so thankful you got him out of that horrible situation and got him immediate medical help. Brutus is a beautiful boy! He deserves to be loved and taken care of! God bless you for helping him!”

One said:”Thanks a lot for help and save Brutus,it’s great to see the recovery and transformation of him now this beautiful and friendly dog is safe and healthy and he have a happy life with kind people who love and care him.”

A man wrote:”Brutus is such a beautiful dog!! His eyes are so expressive. The sadness reflected in his eyes is so heartbreaking to see. I thank the rescuers that helped him heal and bring back joy into his life. That gorgeous doggie smile says it all!!!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: elena_okyaltirak
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