The poor dog’s face was disfigured due to severe burns from the gas explosion.

Miki was badly burned by a gas explosion, and when he was rescued and brought to the veterinary hospital, no one dared to accept him to treat him.

Through many surgeries in tears, he has become stronger and more resilient.

His new life has also become more beautiful and happier with the people who love and protect him.

One cᴏmmented ᴏn YᴏᴜTᴜbe:”No other vet would see him. What a bunch of spineless bastards they are. Thought they were in vetinary to save abd do what ever possible to save life’s of our beautiful animals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving and caring for this poor beautiful dog. Thank you for not giving up on this boy. God bless you all so very much.”

One said:”I’m so happy that Miki had you. Poor little boy went through it didn’t he.😥 He came out the other side better than ever. I’m happy for Miki that he found a new family that will love him and protect him❤ God bless to all involved with his recovery, keep up the good work you’re doing great! 🐾🐾🐕🦴🙏❤🇺🇸”

A wᴏman wrᴏte:”Thank you very much to all involved people for helping and taking so good care of this beautiful cute, adorable and beautiful puppy Miki and for his treatment. I am so happy that sweet Miki is already recovered and so happy now. Send love and kisses to sweet Miki and wish him all the best, all the luck and all the love he deserves and many happy years full with joy and love in a lovely forever home. God bless you and all the helpers, sweet Miki and all the animals “

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