The puppy crawled to seek help in desperation with many wounds on his body

Tor is a puppy found in the open ground, his desire has given him the strength to overcome difficulties, you will be surprised at the strength hidden inside that little dog. We have overcome barriers together to reach happiness together, although Tor is not perfect, his love and energy to live is the perfect lesson for us to follow.

👉 Rescuer: Natusya

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A YouTuber user posted: “This is heartbreaking watching Tor, at such a young age he is disabled. Thanks to you for taking care of him. God bless you”

Another added: “Thank you dear sweet lady for adopting Tor! You are so good to him! He is so full of life and a desire to enjoy it to the full and to leave his bad past behind. May the Lord bless you in Jesus Name.”

Watch the video below:

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