The Puppy Cried a Lot After Being Thrown, Everything Seemed to End After Suffering So Much Pain

This baby was thrown into one of the entrances in the Nizhny Novgorod region. His scream broke my heart. He was almost desperate, in pain and panicking. The poor little puppy can’t stand up on her own, she tries to run away from the humans. The child was very small and helpless, and his front paws were deformed, possibly from birth. There are many bruises on the body, possibly from being. He was very shaken, even though he stroked the puppy many times, the panic was still not over.

One wrote on YouTube:”I want this puppy so badly‚Ķthe way she gazed at the doc when inserting the iv, took my breath away. Thank you for all that you do and sharing.”

A YouTuber user commented:”Oh when U heard Toffi’s screaming because of fear that he’s going to be hurt again, I felt like crying.
Thank you for caring and all your love that you give these helpless babies.
It’s people like you that makes the world a better place. May the Lord bless all the teams in the world that save animals abundantly. You are angels. Praying for all of you.”

One said:”What a wonderful sight to see him him doing fine and just to watch him play with a cat that is so strange but it’s so good and so nice to see that and he’s having a wonderful time and so is the cat thank you for the rescue God bless you guys keep up the good work and he’s happy and content now”

Watch the video below:

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