The puppy cried because he felt self-pity when he was hugged because of what he went through

Marik had come a long way to us by plane, when he appeared he did not look well.

After learning and resting, he was taken to a vet, where everyone gave him special love.

He is an intelligent and affectionate dog, after all, he has been through, he has become stronger, knows how to care for and love people.

His story will show us the courage and love that will help us overcome the difficulties in life.

A YouTuber user commented:”It is so lovely there are people like you , helping these poor animals , to have some kind of life. As long as he is happy and you can take good care of his needs . He will be fine . Your amazing as I know it’s a lot of hard work”

One said:”Animal therapy is a form of healing through the use of animals, which aims to restore peace of mind and reduce stress through contact with animals. The history of animal therapy is so old that it is said that in ancient Rome, horses were used for animal therapy to rehabilitate wounded soldiers. Today, in addition to dolphins and horses, animal therapy using familiar animals such as dogs is being used in the medical and welfare fields. Among them, \”cat therapy\”, aromatherapy with cats, has been attracting attention recently. What kind of healing effects can cats have, as opposed to specially trained therapy dogs?”

A man wrote:”Thank god you existed to save so many animals, what would have happen in your absence ? No please go on to carry out what you intended to do and save many more so God bless your kind spirit !”

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His sad eyes seemed to say the difficulties he had overcome while lying helplessly waiting for help

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