The puppy cried in front of the house with broken legs and sad story behind

Beauty is the name of this dog, you will understand why we named her that. Her neighbor called us to come to help her, luckily everything was on time. The journey we went through was arduous but the efforts were well rewarded. A happy life with me and my friends has come to Beauty and that life has just begun.

👉 Rescue team: doggysdorogi

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One wrote on YouTube: “How can one just toss their pet out and live with themselves. She’s adorable just a little love bug. Thsnk you for rescuing her.”

Another said: “Poor Beauty. She deserves better. I hope she heals and finds a good home. Thank you for helping her. God bless.”

“I’m so happy that you all took care of that puppy and I was in tears to see what had happened to the puppy and thank you for taking care of that puppy”

Watch the video below:

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