The puppy expressed gratitude for helping his siblings escape the cave

We found puppies hiding in a cave, we don’t know what happened to them, we just know they need help.

Fortunately, they are all safe and healthy after a period of treatment, they reunited and started a happy life. They will all have their own happy families.

Thank God for guiding me to meet them

One wrote on YouTube:”Every time I see an abandoned family brings tears to my eyes, I mean look how happy they are towards the end of the video, being loved & cared for by loving caring new owners, you guys must have strong hearts because I’d break down everytime, God bless you all, you’re true Angels”

A YouTuber user commented:”Even though the start of video is sad, it’s what would have happened to them, if not taken. I really liked the soft music, the care of puppies and words expressed. This just made me feel good ~ Kudos, thank you for saving animals ~ Godspeed ~”

One said:”Thank you rescurers for saving the voiceless defenseless homeless poor puppies they are alone and need proper place to live ,food ,care love and hugs ,hope now they are safe and healthy, stay blessed everyone of you kind people,love you kids hope to see you all settled in your homes,”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Doggy S Dorogi
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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