The puppy laid there crying in pain with his legs gone and heartwarming ending

Ozzy is the bravest and most affectionate puppy I have ever met, despite many hardships he has never doubted or lost faith in people.

We found him on the side of the road, the time we spent looking after him and seeing him recover was precious to us. He always brings laughter and happiness to everyone.

Thank you, Ozzy, for coming into our lives.

A YouTuber user commented:”He is so cute, what a sweet character…I love his ears…maybe he can fly with them 😉 You did a great job in saving him. Thank you so much!”

One said:”Ozzie is such a great little puppy And I am so glad that he has found a beautiful home with amazing people and furry friends!!! Long happy life Ozzy!!!!”

A man wrote:”Through taking care of your pets, you will feel a strong sense of self-worth. Having someone who relies on you will make you feel \”needed\” and give you a sense of spiritual fulfillment. The presence of a pet also makes you think, \”I have to do my best for her,\” which helps you develop a sense of responsibility.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Valeria
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