The puppy was abandoned by the owner because he cried all day and the sad truth

Rocky was sent to us, he cried all day for no reason and the truth made us all sad.
He’s just a puppy and he’s been through a lot. Fortunately, the treatment finally paid off and Rocky no longer cried, he also found a kind family to adopt him. He is preparing to enter a happy and bright new life.

👉 Rescuer: Natusya
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

A YouTuber user commented/said/posted/:”He’s adorable you’ve saved this little one thank you. He’ll reward you for the rest of his life”

Another said/commented/replied:”Glad that he got his problems solved and also found a home! Wishing you a great life, Rocky!”

Watch the video below:

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I burst into tears when I met him and learned about the sad story he went through

Hearing my voice, he raised his head and looked at me begging for help