The puppy was chained and starved for months to exhaustion and miraculous journey

Mars is a puppy the neighbors care about, who called us when they knew Mars needed help. A puppy with many difficulties and many questions asked him, with love and perseverance, we overcame many difficulties so that Mars could step into a new happy life. After all, love and care won out once again.

One commented on YouTube: “Fortunately, there are humans like you. Thank you so much for saving this little doggy.”

Another wrote: “He is adorable He looks very strong and healthy now Thank you guys for saving him. I don’t know why bad people treat animals like that. Karma will get them one day”

“This is what love does🥰God Bless you for all you do in helping those that cannot help themselves.”

👉 Rescuer: Shelter TOPA | Abkhazia

🤝 Support at Sberbank: 4276 3000 2605 3853

Watch the video below:

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