The puppy was dragged to the roadside begging for help after being hit by a car

Nuno is a puppy and his journey will move you.
It was a tough journey because he was still a puppy, but he had a warrior’s heart and that helped us overcome many difficult challenges.
We brought him home and gave him a happy new life

👉 Rescuer: Daria Panasenko
🤝 Support at PAYPAL:

A YouTuber user: “So painful to see such a young puppy go through so much.. Nuno seemed to be in so much pain and it hurt to see him so motionless. I’m so glad that he’s still receiving treatment & has found a forever home! ❤️”

One commented: “What a heartbreaking story I can understand why some “people” hurt animals is beyond me.Thanks there is people like you who are angels on earth that bid their time helping others.So glad he’s loved and taking care of in his new home ❤❤”

A man said: “Nuno is such a beautiful little guy glad y’all helped and he is having the life he deserves”

Watch the video below:

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