The sad eyes of the dog lying on the road helplessly after the accident, ignored by everyone

Lada is a girl with beautiful eyes that we found on the street, in critical condition.

Fortunately, all of that she overcame thanks to the love and efforts not only of her own but also of all the doctors and people.

She has found a good owner to adopt her, after all, she has had a happy life just like any other dog.

One said:”What a wonderful outcome! So glad she was able to walk again thanks to your patience and loving care. Hope her life will be happy from now on. God bless you for your humanity and dedication to these poor loving creatures that are so unfortunate left to fend for themselves in a world where people have become cruel and indifferent to the pain and suffering around them.”

A man commented:”So cool to see Lada’s demeanor improve along with the physical healing! How wonderful she also has been adopted she so deserves to be part of a loving family. Thank You for helping her!!!”

Another replied:”What a courageous girl she is. Her yes went from sad and scared to happy and shined. Well done to her for working so hard without complaint and congratulations to all who helped her. Thank you. Have a happy life little girl”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Catherine
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