The scream of a puppy caught in a trap begging for help in the middle of the forest

We found Tiger in the middle of the woods, a crying puppy in need of help.
Luckily everything was under control and nothing bad happened to the puppy. We quickly took him to the hospital and he is healthy again, Tiger is happy and starting a new life beside us, with the friends who love and protect him.

👉 Rescuer: nia5552009
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

A YouTuber user posted:”Thank you to the person who found and rescued him to all the staff who nursed him back to health thank you and to the person who gave him a loving caring home thank you”

One said:”What a fitting name for this beautiful dog, Tiger🙂! I’m so happy to see he’s doing fine and has a well-deserved life. God bless you and your team for saving him✝️❤️🙂!”

A man commented:”You’re an amazing woman thank you so much for rescuing Tiger and giving him the loving home he deserves!!!”

Watch the video below:

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