The tearful life story of a dog carrying a rare disease and precious moments

Nora was treated for 6 months but the results were not as expected due to a misdiagnosis.

She suffers from a rare disease, but because of that, her desire has not diminished. She lives and enjoys her precious life little by little in boundless happiness.

I’m sure she’s very happy there.

One said on YouTube:”It is so heart breaking to see this happen to such a beautiful animal. I feel your pain as it has happened to me and my family. I am so sorry. Rest in peace Nora.”

A YouTuber user posted:”I’m glad this channel does videos on the really awesome, and really sad, times of any animal they’ve helped, rescued, or feature because it makes me feel that they gave it their all through and through and I got to walk in their journey while doing it. I’ve learned from having many pets pass away for various reasons in my short life that when they were alive, they DID fulfill their purpose for the people who actually care about them because the love they shared is one that you could did as well. When they pass, regardless of circumstance (unless through abuse of course) it just means they were passing down the torch to the next one to help you through your journey. They may not have wanted to leave, but it was their time to find peace in a place our world just simply could not.

That’s just my interpretation of it as someone who has come a long way and have had many different species of pets throughout my journey. I miss those who passed of course, but those who came after and are here have also led me to believe my thinking is somewhere on the right track because they offer me the same if not greater love in return of my own.”

One commented:”I didn’t know this sweet girl, but her story broke my heart and made me cry. Rest in Love and Peace Sweet Nora, you are loved and missed. I hope you’re watching over the people who loved and cared for you in your last days. Peace 🕊️ and Blessings. Please keep doing the important work you’re doing for many unfortunate animals.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Alina
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