The tearful story behind the puppy with all 4 broken legs and the miracle of love

Marta was found on the street, she was about 10 months old and could not walk because all four of her legs were broken.
Her healing journey took a long time and miracles happened to her. Her legs are slowly healing and her heart is open to love once more.
She trusted us and started a meaningful new family life beside us.
Love works miracles.

👉 Rescue team: zevs_group_
🤝 Support at PayPal: [email protected]

One wrote on YouTube:”Thank you for saving sweet Marta. God bless your kind heart. As for the monsters who attacked, don’t care how harsh this sounds – they can burn in hell.”

A YouTuber user posted:”Great job saving Marta. Thank you for all you do for all the animals and God-bless you all”

One commented:”What the hell is wrong with some people? As if there isn’t enough human caused misery and suffering in the world. To add to it by attacking the most innocent of God’s creatures for no reason whatsoever.”

Watch the video below:

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