The tearful story of a mother dog overcoming the pain of losing her puppies.

Tesla is a wonderful dog, after what she has been through, soon she will have her wonderful children, and I know for sure that she will be a wonderful mother.

She deserves all the great things in this world.

One said:”Poor baby. We just adopted a dog who lost her puppies and we can still feel her sadness and we love her so much to help her heal. I know how it feels. You never really get over it but you learn to find happiness.”

A wᴏman wrᴏte:”Poor Telsa, I don’t think she, will never forget get, losing her Babies, that’s what she might have been looking for! My thoughts & prayers are with Telsa! Am so sad for her! Hope she gets a for ever home, to be loved & protected! Always! Not happy with Driver, who made her lose her babies!”

Anᴏther replied:”I can’t stand watching or seeing any animal hurt by humans 😤.
It absolutely kills me inside 💔.
I hope whomever could n has hurt(an understatement by far. Thanks to the ppl in these shelters for helping these poor animal, who depend on humans to help n love them.
I know I love them all.
This always shows me just how cruel humans are, it’s heartbreaking 💔.
Love you shelters worker’s in an absolutely 💯 huge ❤ way. Thank you all for being who you are. ❤”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

Rescuer: helpanimalkmv
Support at:

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