There were many foreign objects in his stomach, a bullet in his spine. What happened to him?

Begal is a brave young man, he was found dragging his feet in the street.

After many ups and downs, he finally found happiness and meaning in his life.

He knows how to make every moment of his life more complete even though his body is not perfect.

One wrote on YouTube:”For every evil person in the world that would harm a animal there is a person like yourself that would go the extra mile to save it . So well done for giving that wee pet a chance .”

Another commented:”His condition was really very serious thank god you found him took him to the vet who did a fantastic job now bagel is trying to stand on his legs hope to see him healthy and happy.and finds a loving home thank you rescuers for saving and helping him regain health”

A YouTuber user said:”Beloved sweet tender noble innocent great warrior Bagel, may god bless him and to all the wonderful team that love and take care about Bagel, he deserves to be treated with respect, consideration, humanity, to be protected, cared for and be really happy forever in his forever lovely home”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Mordashci
Support at: Sberbank – 4817760175466758

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She laid there begging for help in vain for days with numerous injuries on her body

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