This puppy begging for help on roadside in freezing weather

Ozark was just a puppy, he was being fed by the drivers and one of those kind people called us to come help him.

That journey has brought good results for him, Ozark came to America to start a new life with his new family, so happy for him.

One wrote on YouTube:”I am so glad this wonderful woman went to great lengths to get this pup and tend to his problems. As said, who knows how long he had been there dumped and it didn’t look like the people in the general vicinity cared enough about a little pup to take him home and keep him safe and warm, regardless of throwing scraps his way. His mum now is taking exceptional care of him and he is very loved. So happy he has a forever family.”

A YouTuber user posted:”What a cute little Fur Monster! Sometimes its almost magical how fast a puppy can recover even from severe injuries. And luckyly puppys will often overcome their bad expriences… And in Ozark’s case it have been a happy end….”

One commented:”I’m glad this sweet boy is making it through and got a home and a momma as well as a friend who loves him.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Naida Shelter
🤝 Support at PayPal: naidashelter@jacktranbusiness

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