Wandering dog timidly seeks help because of hunger and pain and heartwarming ending

Fedya was found on the street when she was timidly seeking help, perhaps due to being hungry for a long time, when she was fed she was very happy and ate well.

And her injuries were treated aggressively, fortunately, all were positive and she was adopted by a kind woman.

She started a new life, the life of her dreams, with a home, delicious meals, a place to sleep warmly and live in love.

A man commented:”Dogs are animals that can build a trusting relationship and bond with their owners. The latest research has shown that dogs are good companions for humans, and even without special training, they will try to help their owners if they notice them in distress.”

Another replied:”Sore on his tail looks somewhat like what my Pomeranian had … “Stud Tail” ! Even though I constantly told my vets about the lump getting larger, they did not do anything until it ruptured. After that, they amputated his beautiful furry fox-like tail. He was better off without the tail because it no longer hindered him. He was just as beautiful without it ! Love to my Bailey now in Doggie Heaven !”

A commenter said:”I find it annoying when people find it funny or ” amusing ” to wake dogs from their sleep – and especially with older dogs. Their sleep is something they very much NEED just like people do, sleep not only rests your body but is healing to the body and mind as well. Just as that old saying says ” LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE “.”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: elena_okyaltirak
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Paralyzed dog lying on the street in pain waiting for help and tearful journey

She hadn’t been outside for years and treated poorly due to a strange illness