We broke our hearts when we found an unlucky girl with many injuries

Almira was found in a big dump, when we found her we couldn’t believe our eyes. She is a thin and thin girl but has a lot of love.

Through many difficulties, in the end, we overcame and won, she completely changed in a positive direction. She has become more beautiful and happier than ever.

A woman wrote:”Nothing short of a miracle how the love and attention to this lovely dog’s condition transformed her into such a beautiful dog as shown in last few pictures… Her life was spared for just such a time as this to be loved by those who rescued her just in time… God bless all those that do this kind of work for those who cannot defend themselves…”

Another replied:”Thank God for creating this beautiful woman that rescued this lovely dog. Not only did you save her, you gave her a home. What a beautiful soul you have. May God bring you many blessings!”

One said on YouTube:”May god bless your pure heart and save Alima! She is absolutely beautiful, her gentle soul and eyes . Thank you so much for been such a wonderful kind person to care and love gods creation. Be safe and blessed in god eyes..amen”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Liza
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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