We cried when we saw her condition and were racing against time to save her

Ponochka is a puppy, a friend of mine overheard her story at the clinic and called me, and we set off on a journey to give her a new chance.
Through all the hardships, Ponochka was very brave and she had the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful life, she got a new home and shared happy moments with me.

👉 Rescuer: Sergey and Vika
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One said:”The last picture of the dog and cat focus on the photographer is just perfect, it really shows the love these pets get from the fantastic woman who saved them”

A woman wrote:”With all thats going on in the world,thank God there are still people who are humane to dogs and cats. What we do to ourselves and each other is our own doing. Many blessings for those who help animals”

Another replied:”What a sweet face! So innocent and pure! Thank you for saving her and take a chance on her! You did a wonderful job! Take care”

Watch the video below:

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