We rushed her to the vet, she didn’t forget what happened to her in a long time

Leila was helped by volunteer girls who brought her home and took care of her, but they called us for help when they saw that her condition was not good.

After the long journey, she has been healed physically and mentally, you will see a happy Leila and have a beautiful smile like an angel.

She started a new life with us and was lovingly cared for.

One said:”Love this as I rescued my little dog Alfie over 12 years ago so he’s probably about 15 now, best thing I ever done xxxx oh I also have 3 cat’s that’s I’ve rescued, one i found dumped in a bin, she was only about 4 weeks old,shes again still here,she’s 15 now, all my sons grew up left home but my pets are still here xxx”

A woman wrote:”Thank you so much for your care and love to this Sweetheart, I pray for you and Leila for the further life you deserve and Leila to find a good place in a loving and RESPONSIBLE Family”

Another replied:”What a wonderful and kind, compassionate woman you are for taking such fantastic care of this baby!! How fortunate she was to find you and be shown the love she deserves! I love hearing things like this, especially in this current, terrible environment we all are living through now! It really makes a difference to everyone. Keep up the fantastic job you are doing! It must be so rewarding and soothing to your soul! 🙏 You!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Anna Chekunova volunteer
🤝 Support at Sberbank: 89215849108

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