We thought she had an accident and lay there seeking help and the sad truth behind

Lissy was found by a student on the side of the road, she comforted her and the dog drank water while she waited for us to arrive. We were surprised by what happened to her, a brave dog. As time passed, thanks to the dedication of the doctors, she was healthy and happy again. We are excited about a new life back home, it is sure to be a happy and beautiful life for her.

One commented: “People like you are absolutely precious to this world. Lissy deserves all the love and luck in this world. She’s a fighter and she will be loved and looked after. Her time is coming”

A Youtube user said: “God bless that kind student that found Lissy and contacted you and your team to save her and God bless you and your team that saved Lissy. You’re the best!! Love you all and God bless”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: Tatyana

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