Wherever she went, she got chased away because of her appearance and heartwarming ending

Wherever Cleo went, she received no welcome because her illness changed her appearance. We went and brought her back for treatment, and it’s been a long journey.

Cleo is very smart, there are times when she surprises me with her intelligence, each time I love her more and more.

Her disease is cured and you will see her completely changed, she becomes more beautiful and happier every day.

One commented:”I can’t believe that some monster would let their dog suffer so horribly. ?.?? Very comforting to see that angels finally came to give her the care she needed and she’s now in a loving atmosphere, bless you♡”

A woman wrote:”Cleo is a good example of having a finger pointed at us as human beings. What does it say about us. We only care for ourselves and forget those helpless animals in need of care. Thank you a million times who phone the animal shelters and people that care for these poor animals. Thank you for the vets, carers nurturers. You are angels. Thank you for making us aware of what is going on. Love you. God bless”

Another said:”How could anyone be so cruel – I would have her and protect her, in a heart beat! Bless her beautiful soul…and bless you all for being so caring and looking after these fluff balls!”

Watch the video below:

👉 Rescuer: KotoFei
🤝 Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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