Why so much suffering could fall on such an unhappy soul.

Fortunately, I found Frank after more than 2 days of searching, otherwise, I don’t know what his life would be like.

A YouTuber user commented:”Thank You for saving Frank, and give him the proper care and nourishment that he needs, to be a happy & healthy to all those other dogs, he is like a father figure to them, they missed him, and he missed them dearly, that was the necessary encouragement, so Frank can be the happy dog he always is,”

One commented on YouTube:”Frank was very calm getting his bath, it must have felt sooo good. He had a very friendly demeanor and a very handsome face ! Sending prayers and lots of love for a wonderful future! Thank you to all his caregivers!”

One said:”You and all involved in Frank’s rescue, including those wonderful vets, are in a league of your own, which includes all rescures, fosters and adopters of every furry and feathered friend across the planet.
Do continue your Noble Mission to brighten the lives of the voiceless and inspire the rest of us to be better people.”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Liza
Support at Paypal: [email protected]

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