Young man takes seniors on rickshaw rides to end their loneliness

A 20-year-old Scottish medical student named Fraser spends his spare time making sure those in his community experience the joy of companionship. These rides bring so much joy to their lives. ❤️

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of loneliness. We’ve all been there, but eventually we have someone come along that can pull us out of it and be the friend that we need.

But do you ever think about the people out there that don’t always have that? Or more likely, people that go longer periods of time without that person to pull them out of their slump? Thats what a lot of retirement homes are filled with, elderly people who don’t have a lot of friends to call on when they’re feeling lonely. This one Scottish med student is trying to change that.

Fraser is only 20 years old, but realizes the importance of human interaction and the joy that it brings people. He knows that people need it in their life to be happy, and sees a population where that isn’t happening- so he has taken matters into his own hands.

A few times a week, Fraser heads to his local retirement home and picks up some of the patrons, and takes them for a bike ride.

His bike service was created to get elderly people out of the house for a little bit, while also offering a little bit of company, conversation, and fresh air along the way.

The reactions and results have been nothing but positive.

Right now he is only completing about 4-5 rides a week since the outings depend mostly on volunteers. Though that may seem like very few rides, more than 60 residents from one care center in Scotland have gone out with Fraser on his bike rides.

“When I first started going out, I thought it was marvelous.” says Mary, a regular rider. “Such a change to get out of the 4 walls. I really enjoy it. The fresh air and the wind in your hair.” she says. Mary was even more excited when her friend Chris was able to join them on the bike one afternoon.

Their faces lit up as Fraser drove the through the trails around the home.

Fraser plans to extend his services as far as he can throughout Scotland. “I think projects like this can make society better.” Fraser says of his endeavor.

The quality of life for seniors living in retirement homes is so important, and it is actions like these that make a world of difference. Hopefully, viewers aren’t only inspired to volunteer their time at retirement homes- but to call up loved ones and check in on the older generations in their own family.

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